Meet Our Team of Professionals

Meet Tanya - Master Educator

Tanya's combined professional experience in the Beauty Industry spans well over 25+ years, during which time, she has had the opportunity to work at one of the largest Makeup and Esthetic schools in North America, as well as some of Canada's most reputable Medi Spa and Cosmetic Physicians in the industry. 

She was able to become a Professional Educator in the Beauty Industry both privately & through various training Academy's and has been recognized for her true talent in training by being nominated for several awards over her career. One of her proudest moments is when she was nominated for a Mentorship Award in the Educators Category, alongside many highly recognized educators in the industry!
This truly solidified her passion for serving others through education.

Since starting Best Smile Training & Distribution, it's safe to say,
Tanya has finally found the perfect balance and couldn't be more grateful for it all!

Meet Angela - Educator & Dental Office Representative 

Angela is a successful dental professional of 15 years. She works within both the dental and aesthetics community providing education, services, support and training.

Angela believes that a positive attitude around women in business and supporting one another is extremely important and absolutely necessary in order to truly be successful. Other key components, she believes, leads to a successful career are continuing education and the enhancement of one's skill set.

"Practice makes perfect, do not be afraid to jump in and try. You will never truly know what you are capable of until you push yourself just a little out of your comfort zone." 

Along with a successful career in dentistry, Angela also runs a successful aesthetic services business. She is a fabulous educator and amazing friend and can often be found with a huge smile on her face. And we can not forget her laugh, it is as big as her personality...and that's exactly how we like it!

 Meet Kyle - Educator

Kyle's story is a bit different from the rest of our Educators but nevertheless, with his very unique experience and eye for meticulous work,
we are thrilled to have him on our team. 

Kyle's career as a Millwright has had him working mainly on machinery as opposed to skin or teeth, however, he took an extreme interest in the beauty industry when 
his wife began her successful beauty business many years ago.

Once he made the decision to join her in business, his journey into the beauty industry began and he became certified in several programs, including Teeth Whitening, where he excelled straight to the top of his class. We are not surprised at all!

Since then Kyle has spent many hours apprenticing with Tanya
during training and has since gone on to become an excellent Educator!